Torrent Site Clampdown Latest News, Rumors & Update: Video Streaming Services To Benefit?

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Sep 05, 2016 03:22 AM EDT

Torrent sites are getting their fair share of attention with authorities aggressively clamping down on the file sharing site. Kickass Torrents was the first one to bite the dust following the arrest of its presumed founder, Artem Vaulin in Poland.

Not long after, another torrent site followed in in what is believed to be tied up to the Vaulin case. More are likely to follow though the journey of authorities to take them all down has become a cat-and-mouse game.

A perfect example is The Pirate Bay. Following apprehensions, the site has managed to re-emerge as they take advantage of loopholes. One thing to consider is that there are some countries they can be hosted on with authorities rendered helpless.

Facebook joins the fight

Facebook seems to have joined the fight against online piracy and one site affected is ExtraTorrent. TorrentFreak reports that the official page of the torrent site has been taken down, including profile pages of the page admins.

There are still some sites up that torrent downloaders can get files illegally. The difference though is that like most mystery files you can get on the web, there is a risk of downloading malware or viruses. Just the same that has not stopped most from doing so despite repeated warnings.

Video Streaming sites to benefit

Though it may take more time for authorities to take control of illegally hosted files, video streaming sites could eventually benefit. Among the sites listed down by Tom’s Guide include Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Instant Video. A complete list can be found here.,review-2625.html

But of course, a lot of people are not to queer on these sites since most will require a certain sum for the service. Compared to the risks involved with torrent sites, the decision on how to get hold of good media falls at the hands of the downloader.

There are still torrent sites up and many are still downloading. The fight against piracy continues even if the number of active torrent sites has started to dwindle.


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