'Final Fantasy 15' News and Updates: What We know So Far?

By Ikie W Abarquez , Updated Sep 06, 2016 05:33 AM EDT

It is a long journey for Square Enix in the development of "Final Fantasy 15." The game has not arrived in the market as of yet but the studio presents a brand new video showing the game's beautiful environment.

'The World of Wonder Tour of Eos with Noctis' trailer is the talk of many "Final Fantasy" fans. The new video also hints of a great development to the game, reports Master Herald. It seems that the game is bound to have more secrets and things to explore as the journey continues. The mysteries that the world is hiding in the game are an exciting thing to unravel.

The video reveals of a bearded Noctis while fighting something unknown in a burning castle. This only means that the game is taking place over a long period of time. In fact, game director Hajime Tabata shared in a report that the game's story is going to go on for a 10 year period, according to Twinfinite.

This means that the group of lads will grow up to be mature men as the game moves along. This way the characters in the game can be acknowledged as living in a real world. He also added to share that the story involves how "King Regis" appearance will evolve after 10 years.

This game has gone a long way and the new exciting events within the story are a great adventure to experience. Another great thing about the game that gamers can experience is the evolution of the characters as the story unfolds.

The release date of the game had a delay which had fans waiting. However, Tabata made it clear that he is sorry for the wait and promised that the team has done its best to have the game at its perfection. He also asked for fans to understand regarding this delay.

Gamers need only to wait for a few months since the game will soon be available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 29, 2016.

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