AMD Radeon RX 490 Update, Specs & Features: Including Vega 10 May Give NVIDIA’s GTX 1080 a Run for Its Money

By Ritwik Roy , Updated Sep 06, 2016 02:58 AM EDT

AMD Radeon RX 490 may feature Vega architecture. If this turns out to be true, it will make the GPU extremely powerful compared to its predecessor. Numerous leaked details have pointed towards the GPU's arrival as a dual Polaris 10 based graphics card. It will most-likely feature a 256-bit memory. The graphics card may be manufactured specially for VR Gaming and 4K.

As per University Herald, the AMD Radeon RX 490, designed for VR Gaming and 4K, may beat NVIDIA's GTX 1080. True or not, the two are set to complete fiercely with RX 490 expected to meet heavy-duty demand. Its highly-advanced graphics performance with top-of-the-notch configuration may also make it quite pricey.

The RX 490 has accidentally appeared thrice on AMD's website and also on its partner Sapphire's website. The AMD Radeon RX 490 may be released later this year, probably in November. A few months ago, VideoCardz posted the graphics card's specification on its website.

There have been reports that stated that AMD would be including the Vega 10 architecture to meet buyers' daily and professional graphics requirements. Then the AMD Radeon RX 490 would provide a highly-immersive Virtual Reality experience.

Moreover, with a base clock of 1,200 MHz, the AMD Radeon RX 490 may sport a computing power of 9,830 GFLOPS. It is also believed to have a thermal power of 200W and a memory of 16,384 MB.

If AMD Radeon RX 490 does include the Vega infrastructure, then its launch may get delayed to 2017, which is also the speculated release date of Vega 10. No official confirmation has been provided yet by AMD.

In August, AMD Radeon's Sr. Marketing Director Chris Hook teased about the Vega launch venue, which was a completely dilapidated warehouse with location undisclosed. The post was soon removed. For updates on AMD Radeon RX 490, stay tuned at GameNGuide.

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