'Marvel Avengers Alliance' Series Shuts Down; Follows 'Disney Infinity' to the Drainpipe

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Sep 06, 2016 04:30 AM EDT

Disney finds difficulty entering the mobile gaming and decides to shut down "Marvel Avengers Alliance". The second installment "Alliance 2" also goes with it to the drain pipes and so is "Disney Infinity".

"Marvel Avengers Alliance" is one of Disney's trademark since five years ago during the influx of Facebook games. The next release came in March, carrying the same popular title "Marvel Avengers Alliance 2." The latter met serious problem due to cold reception despite tons of resources invested in it.

VentureBeat cites Disney as saying that it has high hopes but ends in despair over the game sequel. The foremost reason is poor performance which doesn't call for revamp nor additional attention. Disney will rather focus in new game titles this time around. The company also mentions documenting the "lessons learned" during the demise of Alliance 2.

Gamers can no longer access either "Marvel Avengers Alliance" nor "Marvel Avengers Alliance 2," according to Movie News Guide. The app stores affected are Facebook, Google Play, Amazon, Apple and Windows Play Store. To this effect, downloads and in-app purchases will no longer be working as well.

Marvel Avengers Alliance series is not the first to suffer similar fate. Disney Infinity closed earlier in May because of the same reason. Although unlike the "Avengers" series, Disney Infinity only shuts down updates and other game contents. The mainframe game is still playable but until still Sept 30 only.

Now one question from gamers that is not clear as of yet is whether Disney is going to refund in-app purchases. Both Avengers and Infinity offers upgrades or heroes via purchases.

Meanwhile, another strategy that Disney employs is hiring outside game developers to compliment existing in-house team. This can add new perspective and ideas on how to maximize the current licenses. Currently, the best result so far from the internal team are "Star Wars" series including "Galaxy of Heroes," "Battlefront," and "Commander."

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