'Chroma Squad' Release Date, Latest News & Updates: Top 3 Management Sim Games Alternatives That You Can Play While Waiting

By Anne Caballo , Updated Sep 06, 2016 12:10 PM EDT

"Chroma Squad" is an upcoming Power Ranger- inspired sim game that will soon be available in consoles and phone app. And while waiting for the game to be released, there are also similar games that you might want to try.

The Kickstarter indie game "Chroma Squad" is set to be released in the console industry in 2017 after its official release in Steam last April 2015 and a long legal talk with the rights holder of Power Ranger, Saban Entertainment.

The company Bandai Namco is said to be publishing the game "Chroma Squad" for the indie developer from Brazil Behold Studios. Bandai Namco had also recently released a new teaser for the game.

Super City by Mdickie

Super City is considered as one of the solid superhero sim around according to Mobile & Apps. The game will have you create your own superhero and take care of various places in Super City. Despite of its poor graphics, this is still considered as a very entertaining game on mobile and can be downloaded on on Android and iOS.

Legends of Heropolis by Kairosoft

The company Kairosoft is well known for their pixel management sims that are very addictive. The Legend of Heropolis is one of their latest titles but is also considered as their weakest.

The Legends of Heropolis is a sentai action city management sim game that you might want to try. The game is available on Android and iOS

Dungeon Village by Kairosoft

Another Kairosoft's popular game is the "Dungeon Village." It is a management sim game where you will be running your own village and inviting characters to join your growing place while beating up enemies that loot on your resources. You can download the game for Android and iOS here.

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