Best VR Games Pick of September 2016; 'The Climb,' 'Lucky's Tale' and 'EVE: Valkyrie'

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Sep 06, 2016 05:29 AM EDT

Virtual Reality games may have been slow to catch the mainstream gaming community since it hit the market in 2014. Then jump two years later, several titles are starting to gain foothold including "The Climb," "Lucky's Tale," "Valkyrie" and others.

Scaling new heights with "The Climb"

Starting the list of great VR games with "The Climb" to pump up gamers adrenaline. The game offers beautiful scenery at incredible heights without the need to be an actual wall climber. The player doesn't need to possess technical know-how to climb rocks and mountains neither.

The only catch in this extreme-sports game is the health condition of the player. One must at least have the endurance to look up long time when climbing. Be sure not to get dizzy as well when inside the virtual world. The only measure of score is the ability to "climb" at good pace so be sure to keep moving.

Join in multi-adventure with "Lucky's Tale"

Lucky's Tale is another adventure game where the player will utilize running, climbing, jumping and other physical challenges. This VR game is currently available at Oculus Rift only. Lucky's Tale also offers plain strolling options if the player is not too keen on physical adventures.

Playful Corp boasts that the game has several mini-games packed inside. This allows the player not to gawk in a singular objective.

"Valkyrie" is the Top Guns in space

EVE: Valkyrie receives low 3.5 at Metacritics but The Verge calls the game "Top Guns in space." As the phrase suggests, this VR game is a first-person shooter where players can gear up their spaceships to battle enemies. Just imagine being in a cockpit of a fighter and start annihilating those space crafts.

The only downside in this game is being single-dimensional. If a player is not bored with sitting several hours and exploring the vastness of space, then this is the right genre though.

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