'No Man's Sky' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Easy Way To Get 48 Slot Ship For Free, Fastest Resource Farm

By Anne Caballo , Updated Sep 06, 2016 12:16 PM EDT

Players in "No Man's Sky" turn to tips and tricks to make it easier for them in locating crashed ships which are good resources in upgrading one's inventory slot. Findings ships in the game can be very hard at first but there are some methods that can be use to make it easier.

While playing the "No Man's Sky," gamers needs to fly to a planet surface and use a built-in scanner in the ship to scan the ground immediately upon landing as per Shack News. This scanner will be a big help in finding the outposts and points of interest on the planet.

The gamer will then have to fly to all these markers and an orange beam which are the Signal Scanners are needed to be seen in the game "No Man's Sky." Using Bypass Chip that is made from Plutonium 10 and 10 Iron, gamers will need to hack these scanners.

After all the hacking in the game, there will be four options that you will choose from, a Monolith, Colonial Outpost, Transmission, and Shelter according to iTech Post. It is needed for you to choose the Transmission as it will direct you to the Transmission Towers that are closest to you which can then locate distress signals from ships.

There will also be a possibility that the gamer will be pointed to Beacons and Observatories but only the Transmission Towers can really direct you to those ships. Once these Transmission Towers are located in "No Man's Sky," you will then need to fly to it. The terminal will point a Distress Signal after the equation will be solved that will lead you to those crashed ships.

These ships may no longer be fixed but if you are lucky enough, you might still find ships that are still repairable. According to VG247, these damaged ships found by the gamers in "No Man's Sky" can be used in upgrading their own ship inventory space without wasting any of your resources. These found ships can also be claimed, torn down and reclaimed without any cost where gamers needs to complete this process to obtain the 48 slot ship.

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