'Star Wars' Game Release Date, News & Updates: Visceral Games' Latest Secret Development Will Be Totally Different From 'Uncharted 4'; 'Authentic' Star Wars Experience Promised

By V Doctor , Updated Sep 07, 2016 10:20 AM EDT

"Star Wars" by Visceral Games is currently in development. Developer Amy Hennig recently discussed several aspects of the upcoming game, promising that it will provide an authentic experience for "Star Wars" fans.

Amy Hennig was at PAX West 2016 to provide more insight about the upcoming "Star Wars" game. She mentioned that Visceral Games, which is owned by Electronic Arts (EA), is closely collaborating with the story team of Lucasfilm and leader Doug Chang. Their goal is to create an authentic "Star Wars" game and beyond, telling an original story within the classic universe. Hennig did not say who the main characters will be and how the plot will progress.

GameSpot noted Hennig in saying that an authentic "Star Wars" game can mean that the AT-ST, among other things, may appear. It will all be about the new story, new characters, new creatures, new locations, new tech and new stuff. Everything has to settle authentically with the "Star Wars" story that people are familiar with. VG247 reported that according to Hennig, a former writer and director at Naughty Dog, there are several similarities between the upcoming "Star Wars" game and the "Uncharted" series. However, there will also be major differences. Hennig shared that some of the rules used in creating "Uncharted" no longer applied in "Star Wars."

In "Uncharted," the focus generally stays with the main character. In "Star Wars," they cut away to the villains to show how they are doing in the meantime. Hennig explained that they had to deal with various challenges while making "Star Wars," including the "privileged observer problem," where players can identify with the protagonist and cut away to other developments that the heroes do not know about but have to overcome. The "Star Wars" game will also make the protagonists feel like underdogs as they face seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

"Star Wars" gamers have to work together and be smarter than their enemies. The upcoming "Star Wars" is most likely set before "Episode 7: The Force Awakens." Jade Raymond, head of Motive Studios, said that the game will be taken to groundbreaking directions. The official launch date has yet to be announced.

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