'Fallout 4' Latest News & Update: Nuka World Struggles In The Market; Not Available on PS4?

By Rennie Quilab , Updated Sep 09, 2016 12:00 AM EDT

Gamers of "Fallout 4" were frustrated to know that the most anticipated Nuka-World DLC was not able to go live online as it was promoted. One avid admirer of "Fallout 4" said that Bethesda is not conscious with its players because mods are not yet to be exposed publicly as of the moment and the recent DLC was "broken".

Marketing chief of "Fallout 4," Pete Hines replied to the player by posting that "it is not broken." Bethesda has not yet released it. Hines reiterated that the company does not manifest as Sony continues suit live.

Information are still unofficial if Hines was talking definitive with Nuka-World DLC, or if he also refers to mods. "We don't control other people's platforms," he continued. The company said that they do not push buttons on immediate decisions for "Fallout 4"

Nuka-World finally generated its premier on the PlayStation Store, with Bethesda Support saying season handlers to keep an eye for further announcement regarding "Fallout 4". Nuka World PS4 instalment content is currently in the market while Bethesda advised players to keep on track for more updates."

While "Fallout 4" mods are currently accessible on various platforms, PlayStation consumers have been advised that the proceeding is still running its tests. Hines recently announced to fans that mods were not postponed on PS4, and it will finally be exposed prior to the premier of the Skyrim: Special Edition in October as per report by Game Revolution.

 According to Express, the fresh "Fallout 4" instalment has also been announced and released on Steam. The 1.7.15 instalment is now downloadable on PC but will not be on Xbox One and PS4 within the week.

While the current update does not include a big number of modifications, it is still essential to "Fallout 4". It set ups the huge problem with the "Fallout 4" Nuka World monorail on not starting efficiently. A key event is needed to occur so that gamers can play the update content entirely.

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