'Pokemon GO' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: 8 Amazing Tips For Those Level 20 Players And Up

By Anne Caballo , Updated Sep 07, 2016 06:03 PM EDT

It will be very hard for a Pokemon player who is now on his level 20 trainer to level up faster in the game "Pokemon GO." Luckily, there are now tips that can help you level up. In an article by GamePur, it listed out tips for those level 20 "Pokemon Go" players that will aid them in levelling up.

Pidgey Farming

In an article by GamenGuide, Pidgey farming is one of the easiest way of catching up. These Pidgey monsters in "Pokemon GO" are one of the common Pokemon that you can encounter in the game. Catch all Pidgey you will encounter in the game because every 4 Pidgey you can catch will give you 500 XP or 1000 XP with an active egg.

Spend Money On Those Lucky Eggs

If you are into spending money in the game "Pokemon GO," spending it on buying Lucky Eggs will be the best. The combination of Pidgey farming and Lucky Eggs will certainly give you double XP.

Kakuna and Metapod

Replacing these Kakuna and Metapod Pokemon into candies can be of help when you are not into this kind of Pokemon. Evolving these Pokemon can be frustrating as it only gives you a very low increase in their CP.

Wait Until You Reach Level 20

Avoid using candies to evolve or power up your Pokemons if you have not reached level 20 yet in "Pokemon GO." You can get better perks when evolving when you reached level 20 as compared to evolving it on low levels.

Every PokeBall is Special

Wasting high level Pokeballs on low level Pokemon is very much discourage. It is very important to use your basic Pokeballs  if you haven't reached level 20 or up as it will be very important to carry higher level Pokeballs in catching Pokemons.

Clear Up Your Inventory

Only keep those essential items on your inventory when you reached level 20 in "Pokemon GO." Disposing Revives and Potions are highly suggested as there are other better time-saving potions available on this level.

Battle Gym

Always be prepared when attacking a gym because conquering gyms can also help conquer that XP bar if you win. Look for gyms that you can surely match up and be very strategic. Know how to easily conquer gym without using too many resources here.

Passenger Seat

Make sure that you are incubating your eggs when you are out for a ride which can lessen the distance you need before it will hatch. The tip really works best during rush hour as your car is only on a walking or jogging speed.

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