‘The Sims 4’ Latest News, Release Date & Update: “Supernatural” DLC Perfect For Halloween

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Sep 09, 2016 02:47 AM EDT

EA and Maxis are busy figuring out how to raise the stock of “The Sims 4." So why not come up with a timely expansion for the month of the spooks?

In time for Halloween!

Halloween is happening next month and perhaps similar to what they did for “The Sims 3”, a special DLC could spice things a bit. Something to that came out last year for the prequel and seeing how game developers are looking to pump up the hype, offering a “Supernatural” DLC could be a big boost.

For those unfamiliar, the “Supernatural” DLC allowed “The Sims 3” players to transform into the unique forms. That includes a ‘vampire’, ‘witch’ or even a ‘fairy’, a virtual-world similarity to how folks dress up for the Halloween season. This is more of speculation than something actually coming with EA and Maxis trying to find ways to spur up interest for the famed life-simulation game.

Recapping “The Sims 4” Expansion Pack possibilities

The weeks have seen various takes on possible expansion packs for “The Sims 4”. Criticized for its poor sales performance, the best way for the game to pick up and offer some hope for “The Sims 5” coming is to make the game great again.

Among the possible expansion packs mentioned in previous posts included that of the “City Life” expansion spotted at a Brazilian website and the previous one tackling the possible addition of toddlers.

The possible addition of a “City Life” expansion pack for “The Sims 4” could be sensible but the toddler dish has already been doused. Much of that was explained by Lyndsay Pearson who said that the leaks came from an abandoned EA game. Much of that was explained here.

As for the “Supernatural” DLC for “The Sims 4”, the whole idea seems plausible. With several weeks to go, it will be interesting if the game developers do have one to give “The Sims 4” players something to look forward to.

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