Xbox One 360 News & Update: Microsoft Added Three New Backwards Compatibility Games; Gamers Are Not Drawn?

By Lilibeth C , Updated Sep 10, 2016 12:00 AM EDT

For the gaming enthusiasts, the affirmed release of more games on the Xbox 360 would surely set the tide in a different tone for the gamers. There have been notions that new games would be released to draw the gamers to use the consoles, but it appears that it is not working as much as the developers would want it to be.

Users of the console Xbox One 360 will be very much excited about this three newest backwards compatibility game added by Microsoft. Among are "Gatling Gears" which cost £6.75, the "Bejeweled 3," and "Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue" that both cost £9.99 each. They now belong to the tally of around 230 games released on the market for the console.

Based on the gamer's description, it is the biggest and brightest "Bejeweled" ever!' For the gamers, "Bejeweled" is a match 3 puzzled game which features 8 different modes. It has been mentioned that the latest addition would be the best among the three.

 It is said to be the world's number one puzzle game. The game was fun and relaxing game with 40 quest for gamers to solve as well as earn remarkable rewards to go forward to the next level.

Meanwhile, Express Co. reported that if gamers want battle games, war and adventure, "Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue" is the game that could meet that need. The game is a comedy action game wherein the gamer will fight against all kinds of evil and gives justice to the downtrodden. Moreover, there's this "Monkey Island fame" which was designed by Ron Gilbert, which offers stunning game time as well.

As for the other game added on Xbox 360, "Gatling Gears" is also one of a kind. It is a game about empires and destruction. As for the presumption that the new added games are not drawing the gamers in, that remains unsettled. Mainly, because it is undeniable that the console is still a mighty segment in the gaming industry.

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