Latest 'Rocket League' Update Includes New Mode; Read Details Here

By Staff Reporter , Updated Sep 09, 2016 07:33 AM EDT

Psyonix is all about giving players the free and upcoming Rumble mode today. The "Rocket League" developer made a promise to fans, and now, it looks like this is the day when fans will get to try the new mode. The new feature is absolutely free and is now available on the Online Playlist for both Exhibition and Private matches.

One of the main attraction in the Rumble mode on the "Rocket League" game is the awarding of the 11 randomised power ups to players. These power ups include The Boot, which allows the kicking of an opponent's car, the Disruptor that Forces the opponent to drive uncontrollably, the Freezer that Freezes the ball in-place, the Grappling Hook that Pulls you toward the ball, Haymaker that Punches the ball, Magnetizer that Attracts the ball to your car, Plunger that Snaps the ball to your position, Power Hitter that Hit everything harder, Spike that Attaches the ball to your car when you bump into it, Swapper that Changes positions on the field with your opponent and the Tornado that Sweeps up the ball and cars into a giant funnel cloud.

The Rumble mode will also introduce the unlockable Crate on "Rocket League." These unlockable Crates are dropped in Competitive matches and according to Psyonix, they can be opened by purchasing keys. The loot can be traded to fellow players. An example of these loot include, animated decals, exotic wheels, garage accessories and imported battle-cars. If you're wondering just how much these keys to open the Crate costs, they range from $1.49 to $20, depending on the Crate to be opened.

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