'Halo 5 Forge' PC Version Updates: File Size And How To Download; What We Know So Far; Changes In The Game

By Ikie W Abarquez , Updated Sep 10, 2016 12:12 AM EDT

Microsoft has released the "Halo 5 Forge" PC version. Fans are already downloading the game. Some say the size of the game is 36GB and others had difficulty downloading it but were able to solve the issue.

According to The Bitbag, players are required to download the Microsoft's Anniversary Update in order to download the "Halo 5 Forge" PC version. Some players indicate that the link to download is shaded and it prompts to download the update first. It is a requirement since it contains support files for the game.

The original game file took more space to download and with the PC version, fans are surprised with its size. Microsoft however did not compromise the content since everything is still intact once the PC version is downloaded.

"Halo 5 Forge" PC version can also be downloaded depending on the region's availability. When it cannot be downloaded, all the players can do is change the time and day on the PC. This has worked for many and they were able to download the game successfully.

In a report by PC Invasion, this new release is the same as Halo 5: Guardians but is updated to have PC compatibility. Support for the resolution is up to 4K and it has keyboard and mouse controls. This enables precision on object placement. The player is also able to host custom matches and this can be up to 16 players. This app is free for Microsoft Windows 10. 

There are those who already confirmed that the maps and weapons are all available for this version. The game can be customized, but the arenas are not yet available as of this time. Fans of" Halo 5 Forge" PC version can enjoy the game the same as before.

Players are eager to try the game. Now that it is out "Halo 5 Forge" players can start downloading the game for its PC version. 

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