'Jane the Virgin' Season 3 Latest News & Updates: Jane Losing Her Virginity With New Guy? Tragic Ending Ahead For Jane-Michael Couple

By Anne Caballo , Updated Sep 11, 2016 02:32 AM EDT

"Jane The Virgin" Season 3 is going to air again this October and things might seem a little bit different now. Gina Rodriguez who plays the role of Jane is said to be losing its virginity and her love story with Brett Dier will soon end according to reports.

Jane Might Finally Lose Her Virginity But With Who?

The last episode of the "Jane the Virgin" Season 2 ended with Gina Rodriguez character, Jane marrying Michael who is played by Brett Dier but the marriage did not went through as the groom was shot during the event.  The big question is who will Jane loses her virginity to.

There are rumors that the other leading man Rafael on the series "Jane the Virgin," played by Justin Baldoni will get back to Jane to comfort her while others are saying that there will be a new man that will be introduced to the show. According to an article, the new guy will be Jane's childhood crush named Sam which they describe as intellectual and sexy. The show creator Jennie Snyder Urman already confirmed that Jane will be losing her virginity this year and they are considering this as their biggest episode according to People.

Gina Rodriguez have said that regardless of whom she will going to sleep with in the show "Jane the Virgin," there will going to be an evolution She added that it will surely affects her future self as to how she will view herself and intimacy.

Love Ends For Jane And Michael?

In the new "Jane The Virgin" Season 3 promo trailer, it shows the numerous highlights of the memories of Jane and Michael together. A voiceover is then heard saying that "Every great romance has magical beginning but some have tragic endings."

The promo trailer shows the couple sharing a passionate kiss followed by the wedding moment where Michael was shot while Jane cries. A hospital scene was then showing Jane visiting Michael which guarantee the viewers to be a very unforgettable season premiere.

"Jane the Virgin" Season 3 will premier on October 17 on The CW. Stay tuned to Game & Guide for more "Jane The Virgin" Season 3 news.

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