‘Battlefield 1’ Release Date, News & Update: Improvements Players Expect Made for the Final Game; Weapons, Skins List From Beta Files Revealed!

By Maui , Updated Sep 12, 2016 09:10 AM EDT

The "Battlefield 1" Beta has just ended last week, giving the players an experience of the first person shooter video game. After the Beta version ended, there have been a lot of reviews and suggestions made by the players.

Just because the "Battlefield 1" Beta is quite impressive, it doesn't mean that it does not have any room for improvement. According to a report from The BitBag, the game can still make a lot of improvements before launching the official "Battlefield 1" game.

After playing countless hours in "Battlefield 1" Beta, players suggest bringing back the Old Commo-Rose. In the previous "Battlefield" game, Commo-Rose allows players to communicate easily by simply using a button or an analog stick. After this, it will allow the players to talk to other players even without a microphone and a headset.

According to a report from PlayStation Lifestyle, "Battlefield 1" Beta is not simple as the past games. In the new game, players would have to select between the options Socials, Requests and Request Order. This makes communicating to other players in commo-rose less efficient and effective.

Players that have played the "Battlefield 1" Beta also said that the tanks in the game is almost impossible to defeat because of its new feature that the armor can be repaired while inside the tank, and having a tank can bring huge advantage to the team. So, the players suggest that there will be tank nerfs needed to bring fairness for all the players.

Players also noticed some bugs in the game. Before releasing the final "Battlefield 1" DICE will need to fix the bugs and glitches in the game before the players make complaints. However, there are players who dug out the games files and found out the list of weapons and skins from beta files, click here to see the list.

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