'World of Warcraft: Legion' Demon Hunter Class Loses Unique Abilities in Multi Player

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Sep 12, 2016 09:43 AM EDT

Demon Hunters are fast becoming the cornerstone of "World of Warcraft: Legion." Those who preorder the expansion pack enjoy the character so several reviews are now beginning to flood WoW universe.

Two weeks after the release of WoW expansion pack "Legion," no other supplemental hero class receives lots of attention than Illidan Stormrage's revival through Demon Hunter class. Players from almost decade-old "Burning Crusade" have the chance to relive the nostalgic value and this proved to be a good twist for developer Blizzard.

Even the designers Graham Berger and Eric Maloof were happy that Legion provided another perspective about demon hunters and their leader Illidan, Polygon reported. Fans from the "Burning Crusade" will agree that there was no proper closure in Illidan's story and the fate of his captains and demon hunters were left hanging.

Recalling the "Burning Crusade" storyline, Illidan sent his loyal demon hunters to fight the legion in the ultimate battle. This created a vacuum in his own defense when a troop led by warden Maiev Shadowsong sieged him. Illidan ultimately fell in battle but his voice was later heard giving orders to Vandel that demon hunters should regroup. This omnipresent voice results in debates if Illidan is dead or awaiting rebirth.

Meanwhile, a personal experience playing the demon hunter class was posted in GameSpot. The most notable observation about this class is agility and gliding ability. These traits prove useful for players who has high tendency to fall but unnecessary for those familiar with the terrain. Class-exclusive agility will also become a double-edged sword in tight corners because too much movement attracts attention.

Review about the class stressed that Illidan's underlings are better in single player mode rather than group attack. Moreover, multi player mode hinders some of the supposed unique capabilities of demon hunter to level the playing field. Ironically, the featured agility is the first to be sequestered.

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