‘Pokemon Go’ Release Date, Latest News & Update: Will Nearby Tracker Be Better In Gen 2?

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Sep 12, 2016 08:45 PM EDT

One aspect of “Pokemon Go” that needs a lot of tweaking is the ‘Nearby Tracker’, one of the downsides of the famed augmented reality game. It has been erratic since day one, though Niantic has been trying to improve on this feature.

With “Pokemon Go” Gen 2 expected to come out soon, this is one feature that players hope to see improve drastically. With the current version, Niantic has tweaked it a couple of times and the latest one is considered a whole lot better.

Though not immediately mentioned, it was seen as one of the things that may have turned some “Pokemon Go” players off. Some are likely unaware of the improved ‘Nearby Tracker’ with most opting to hold off. Could that all change on “Pokemon Go” Gen 2?

The Importance of ‘Nearby Tracker’

The thing with “Pokemon Go” is that players need a guide to finding out which critters are nearby and if it would make sense to hunt them down. Under normal conditions, Caterpies, Pidgeys, and Rattatas would initially appear but so would be the rare ones.

When “Pokemon Go” first came out, this was one reason why some resorted to third party apps for aid. It saved them the effort of heading towards places with no guarantee of catches. But as everyone knows by now, Niantic has patched that up and started implement bans.

That alone was enough for players to walk away from “Pokemon Go” despite the fact that it was illegal, to begin with. With the next update, all that will hopefully be addressed.

Key addition with new features

Right now, the added features are the ‘Appraisal’ which is a big help before engaging in battles and knowing which Pokemon to evolve. Paired with the Buddy and Trading system for Gen 2, here is hoping that ‘Nearby Tracker’ will get more improvements to reel back in the lost players.

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