Apple Car Release Date, Latest Rumors, News & Update: Layoffs Send Mixed Signal About ‘Project Titan’

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Sep 12, 2016 09:08 PM EDT

One of the seemingly forgotten projects is Apple’s ambitious entry into the automotive sector. This, of course, refers to the Apple Car project of the Cupertino company which may be in for some major changes.

Despite word of the massive layoffs done by Apple, it does not entirely signal shelving of the Apple car. Proof of that is the company taking back in Bob Masfield to lead the project.

From that move alone, one may tie up the move as a form or re-planning to come up with a better budget to support that Apple Car project. After originally reeling in 1,000 employees in a span of 18 months from other divisions, dozens were reportedly laid out according to the New York Times.

Change of Focus?

The layoffs do not tell the whole picture. With a new man in Mansfield at the helm, a change of focus is likely. And that change involves shifting from a plain vehicle to a self-driving car, Bloomberg reported.

Depending on how one takes it, the massive personnel may no longer be needed though one has to ask if that would affect the research and development team. With a shift to self-driving technology, further advancement and research will be a need to come up with a good self-driving and electric-powered vehicle.

More time to develop?

With the changes, it may seem likely that Apple will need more time to come up with a sensible car in the market. But the longer it does, the farther it pushes itself from the established ones.

Tesla and Mercedes have made headway in the genre and Google is of course on the rise, BGR reported. Hence, a self-driving car makes sense but the timing of its release is up for debate.

Will Apple still have a chance to penetrate the market once an actual vehicle is ready for release?

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