'The Sims 5' Release Date, News & Update: 'The Sims' Augmented Reality Game Underway, EA Announces 2017 Launch?

By LA Zamora , Updated Sep 13, 2016 07:07 AM EDT

Players are complaining that "The Sims 4" is getting a wee bit boring and monotonous. This comes after an expansion was released for the simulation game which points out that players are getting tired of "The Sims 4." Having said that, reports are surfacing that EA is has not been releasing a lot of exciting stuff for "The Sims 4" is because they are brewing "The Sims 5."

Is the gaming world ready for "The Sims 5?"  What if EA is planning to make "The Sims 5" an augmented reality game?  The Sims can be seen walking around a street in the real world, or sitting down on a sofa watching TV in a player's own house!  Although this might be too farfetched to be true, making "The Sims 5" as an augmented reality game would be difficult. Possible, but difficult.

"The Sims 5," like its predecessors, can be played optimally in a PC.  Although there are "The Sims" version for mobile phones, the options and gameplay can be fully experienced in a PC. Can you imagine playing an augmented-reality game on a PC?  For example, playing "Pokemon Go" on a PC seems hilarious, right?

If "The Sims 5" wants to be at par with augmented-reality games, the best path it can take is to create a game with Virtual Reality devices. "The Sims 5" might be a bit pricey than its predecessors if it will push through with virtual reality gameplay.

As of now, EA has not yet released an official statement confirming a creation of "The Sims 5."  However, the players of "The Sims" are getting impatient with the current version of the game.  EA must move fast in order to keep their gaming population by either creating a new DLC for "The Sims 4" or hurrying up creating "The Sims 5."  Stay tuned to GamenGuide for more "The Sims 5" news and updates. 

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