‘Pokemon Go’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Virtually Walking With Aid Using The New Buddy System

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Sep 14, 2016 12:00 AM EDT

The much talked about Buddy system for “Pokemon Go” is finally out so it is time to see what this new feature from Niantic can do. Everyone knows by now that its main agenda is to aid players to collect more candy to help in the evolution and power-ups of Pokemon, something that may need some getting used to.

For the record, a player’s avatar will still journey through the virtual world by himself. The new feature comes in the form of a window similar to how tutorials are made to guide players.

Selecting the Right Pokemon

While the “Pokemon Go” Buddy system sounds neat, players need to do their part as well. This entails the selection of the character to whom the candy would be used for.

From a long list of characters on a player’s Pokedex, players need to wise up. It is not all for a show but leveling up the right Pokemon in preparation for battles ahead.

Aside from that, bear in mind that maxed out Pokemon characters will not gain more than their set stat line. Hence, these are the ones you should not use as a buddy. Look over the rest of your Pokedex roster and weed out the one which makes sense. If in doubt, use the Appraisal tool for some help.

Getting the Candies

Assuming that a player is all set, it is time to set up for the influx of candy. But how does one go about it?

Collecting candy is no different from how players hatch eggs. This means that the game must be active as people walk. Depending on the Pokemon of your choice, the distance required to find candy will vary, CNet reported.

Like most new features that Niantic introduces, some will have to feel their way to get the hang of the Buddy system. Either way, it should be a handy aid for players who want to level up faster and fairly on “Pokemon Go”.

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