''NBA 2K17' Latest Rumors, Release Date and Update: 'Jesus Bynum' Glitch Included?

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Sep 14, 2016 12:00 AM EDT

"NBA 2K17" is poised for yet another successful year in the gaming sector as its release nears. So far, other features have not been revealed though some have dug up a previous glitch that could emerge for the coming game.

Jesus Bynum?

The dish comes from a seemingly forgotten rebranding effort back in 2010 through its rival NBA Live series. This came in the form of an NBA Elite 11 demo which was highlighted by a glitch involving former Los Angeles Lakers player Andrew Bynum.

The glitch involved seeing Bynum strike a 'T-pose' that eventually saw him stuck in the said position right at midcourt. The game got delayed and eventually canceled – permanently.

In "NBA 2K17," it looks like 2K is still poking fun at the glitch as seen in the prelude demo of the upcoming game. Gamers are unlikely to miss it since it is titled, ‘Glitch’.

The thing here is that the glitch may have been present in previous games though Polygon believes that it is not a direct dish at NBA Live/Elite. Either way, it does bring up wacky memories for the game set to debut this Sept. 20.

Moving forward, "NBA 2K17" should be something to look forward to with all the updates so far. The last time out, Game & Guide did a report on the addition of an advanced face-scanning feature which would allow gamers to place their faces in the game. All that will be done with the aid of mobile apps, something that will hopefully improve from previous versions which have failed miserably.

Other noteworthy features as well include the Auction house, virtual currency earning, and flexible access to the MyPlayer Store even when mobile. "NBA 2K17" is expected to be available for the PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC in a couple of days so watch out for it.

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