Mysterious Katcr Link Crawling Internet Directing Torrent Fans To KAT Files

By Jennifer R. Irvin , Updated Sep 14, 2016 05:07 AM EDT

Torrents fans may celebrate now that recent rumors claimed that the controversial KickAss Torrents is back. While it seems that the online torrenting community aims to keep it as a secret, a mysterious Katcr link has been crawling around the internet which is suggested to be a direct link to the shared database of KAT files.

Some torrents fans wonder if the rumor is for real especially during this time when local and federal authorities are reportedly trying to defeat piracy and take down KickAss Torrents site. However, speculations emerged that the KickAss Torrents database are intact and a link to it was already put up, the Katcr link, University Herald reported.

To build a site with its previous database is not an easy thing to do but sers are reportedly allowed access to KickAss Torrents site using the Katcr link. The link can access the very same database according to those who have utilized it. Additionally, through the Katcr link, users can continue connecting and storing shared files.

However, it does not mean that the federal government have already given up after the first mirror link was torn down. The authorities are still tracking KickAss Torrents mirror sites, reportedly. So, users are being warned to be cautious as there are spam sites that try to disguise themselves as KAT sites, BitBag reported.

For a guideline in finding out if the link is a legit KAT site or a spam site, users are advised to be careful in sharing their personal information from the start of entry to the site. Defunc sites ask reportedly asking for personal and financial information which users are advised to avoid. This is because real KAT sites do not require such information.

Torrents fans who are wary of seeding and downloading from Katcr and other KAT mirror sites, The Pirate Bay and Extratorrents sites are still alive. Both are also popular torrenting sites for movie and music files. For those who prefer Katcr, they can still enjoy using the site for now but it is suggested to live a short life span as the authorities continue to track these kind of sites and shut them down. Watch, fake KickassTorrents site stealing credit card data here:

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