Samsung Galaxy Note 7 News, Update: Battery Capacity Cut By 40%; Will Help Prevent Explosion Or Push Owners To Turn In Smartphones?

By AASalvador , Updated Sep 14, 2016 04:44 AM EDT

What happens to users who won't turn in their Samsung Galaxy Note 7? The company is set to launch an Over The Air update on Sept 20 to cut the battery capacity up to 40 percent. The move will hopefully remind, and even annoy, the subscribers to relinquish their smartphones.

Getting back 2.5 million units of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been an enormous task for the Korean company. Some owners simply try to ignore the warnings and press releases regarding the explosions brought about by the battery of the said unit.

Some owners may not be all too willing to turn in their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 considering all the hassles one has to go through. One has to go back to the store and get a loaner device while waiting for the replacement smartphone to arrive. It can be recalled that the company had said on the first week of September that the new units will arrive on the following week. But as the latest reports said, gadgets will be available on Sept 19.

While owners of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are encouraged to turn off their devices and turn it over, some are just outright stubborn. On Sept 1, there had been 35 cases of battery explosion that resulted to injuries and even causing house fires. The Federal Aviation Administration has already issued verbal warning against using the device while on board.

Cutting the battery capacity by 40 percent through Over The Air update is not as simple as it sounds, though. This means that Samsung will have to tap the smartphone carriers in order to rollout the software.

Samsung Electronics America, Inc is surely doing everything to avoid more reports on battery explosions. Owners of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will even receive a gift card worth $25 when they avail of the Product Exchange Program.

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