iOS Jailbreaking Latest News & Update: Is the iOS 10 Already on the List? Pangu May Come Up with Results Soon

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Sep 14, 2016 05:15 AM EDT

The iOS jailbreaking issue has become one that gathered immense attention to those who aim to make something different of the conventional Apple limitations. This, however, is not all good news if to be taken too far into the newest and upcoming versions.

Followers of the iOS product line may be keeping their fingers crossed as they aim to know when the alleged iOS 10 will be jailbroken, given that the said operating system is now live. Despite all the anticipation, patience may still be the fact of the matter when it comes to the iOS jailbreaking concern.

According to Mobile and Apps, the existing iOS 9.3.5 version of Apple is what people can deal with for the time being, though the jailbreaking aspect is yet to surface. A successful rendition of the iOS 9.3.4 which was dubbed successful a number of days ago proves that iOS jailbreaking is still rampant.

The iOS jailbreaking feat is not all advantage, as per Yahoo Tech. There are those not willing to take the leap into the said matter, since it will be bypassing the bars made by Apple-but team Pangu believes otherwise.

For those unaware, the Chinese team Pangu is comprised of hackers who are full-on effort when it comes to iOS jailbreaking. Jailbreaking is when a certain iPhone is unhinged from the restraints of Apple, which permits the users to install applications that are not enclosed by Apple's iTunes App Store.

The said team is said to be doing their best to jailbreak the iOS 10, which may take a month or so. Succeeding the iOS rollout, fans are asked to make sure that their previous data is backed up prior to the iOS jailbreaking in case the process does not turn out triumphant-or at least a sync the device via iTunes.

Will the iOS jailbeaking fad continue on with Pangu's efforts? Keep posted for further details and news here at Gamenguide.

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