‘Attack On Titan’ Release Date, News & Update: Game Revealed Mysteries; Titans Great Secret Revealed?

By Lilibeth C , Updated Sep 15, 2016 03:55 AM EDT

The "Attack On Titan" game is one of the most highly anticipated game. There are notions that the game would endow secrets and shed lights to mysteries as well. 

The "Attack on Titan" game would center on Eren and his friends as they discover the great secret of Eren's father, Dr. Yeager. The game also shifts on the elements that Eren's father has hidden all throughout his 

Moreover, the "Attack on Titan" game depicts the secrets of the basement. It also unveiled his father's medical technology wherein they found a photograph which revealed that his father was the one who created the Titans. They also discovered the life outside the walls would be very comfy in comparison to what they believed to be.

Meanwhile, the "Attack on Titan" game would showcase Eren holding the key which is the necklace given to him by his father. It has been further relayed that gamers of the "Attack On Titan" could use the key to enter the basement and it would also reveal some gripping moments and memories for Eren as well, according to Geek.

The game also unveiled the options that gamers could make use of. For one, the "Attack on Titan" game would feature Levi and the other characters journeying through varying levels.

As per The Guardian, while playing "Attack On Titan," the gamers could enjoy Eren's character along with his friends and use the extra Omega force that could slash down hundreds of Titans on a targeted strikes. Moreover, the gameplay would allow gamers to use the speed and technique with a great timing to better improve the attacks and strengthen the strategies.

"Attack On Titan" game is still a force to be reckoned with. With its stunning specs and features, the game is worth playing for.

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