‘Pokemon Go’ Release Date, Latest News & Update: Buddy System Will See Pikachu On Your Shoulder

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Sep 14, 2016 02:37 PM EDT

“Pokemon Go” is expected to get a patch soon with the focus on the much talked-about Buddy System. As most know by now, the new feature should make it easier for gamers to snag more candies while walking, per a previous post.

The new feature for “Pokemon Go” is reportedly being rolled out and downloadable for US Android users. This means that some players will now be able to see the new feature which will have a player’s favorite Pokemon appearing next to trainers, according to Pokemon Go Live.

What the Patch Notes reveal

Looking over the patch notes of “Pokemon Go”, among the things to expect include improved game performance, better user interface, and support for another highly anticipated accessory in the Pokemon Go Plus.

But while those should be something to look forward to, “Pokemon Go” players are more concerned on what lies ahead once they accumulate the hard-to-come-by candies. Candies are critical to evolutions and powering up the critters so expect players to frantically walk and collect.

Looking deeper into the patch notes, some data miners have come across other potential features that Niantic may be unveiling soon. Aside from the bug fixes, there is one involving a familiar fixture on Pokemon, Pikachu.

Reports have it that Pikachu riding the shoulder of a “Pokemon Go” player once he is used to buddying up for about 10 kilometers. Seeing that it is in the scripts, this should be another feature to look forward to.

Reminder on jailbroken and rooted devices

While “Pokemon Go” players await the patch, be reminded of that directive from Niantic covering jailbroken and/or rooted devices. There is a chance that support may be affected once the patch is out so gamers who want to keep on playing may want to change up soon, Forbes reported.

Niantic’s initiative is seen something to curb on cheating, a move that has drawn varying opinions. The bottom line – start learning to play fair!

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