‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’ Zombies Revelations Map, Easter Eggs, Secrets, News & Updates: Gathering Gateworms and Teddy Bears

By V Doctor , Updated Sep 14, 2016 10:31 PM EDT

The final Zombies map of "Call of Duty: Black Ops 3" Salvation DLC was recently launched. Titled "Zombies Revelations," the map features several Easter Eggs and Secrets to discover. Many players may already have completed the zombie saga, but those who wish to get more can unlock Easter Eggs by completing particular asks.

GamePur reported that "Black Ops 3 Revelations" players should defeat the man responsible for everything to unlock the Easter Eggs. The ending may be positive or those who managed to gather all the Five Gateworms by completing previous Easter Eggs in "Black Ops 3." All the four Corruption Engines should be overridden. Players need to defend themselves from zombies for 30 seconds for all four engines.

The next step in "Black Ops 3" involves gathering and summoning altar pieces. There are three of these in the zombie map, namely The Skull, The Wheel and The Purple Gem. After all the pieces are found, "Black Ops 3 Revelations" players have to build the altar for 5000 points. Next, gather the lanterns after finding the Pack-a-Punch Machine and boosting the weapon. The following step requires shooting the blue tablets in the air by using the ApothiconServent. There are four blue tablets to destroy in "Black Ops 3 Revelations."

Trade the Gateworm for the Rune and then look for the Runes of Creation in "Black Ops 3 Revelations." There are also four pieces to gather and players are advised to play with three others instead of solo. When "Black Ops 3 Revelations"players are near the location, press square to interact and a worm will appear and subsequently provide the Rune.

The BitBag stated that there are plenty of Teddy Bears in "Black Ops 3 Revelations." Collecting three will result to an Easter Egg. A song will play in the background as well. Players can also have a hidden radio play several old Easter Egg songs from the Zombies mode. Hit four buttons and shoot the new radio to change songs. All four buttons are located in the Nacht Der Untoten area. To enter the area, "Black Ops 3 Revelations" players have to override any of the four corruption engines that will open a portal.

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