'The Crew' Free For Download On PC For Ubisoft's 30th Anniversary Celebration: Where To Get It?

By Ikie W Abarquez , Updated Sep 15, 2016 02:23 AM EDT

Ubisoft is already 30 years in the gaming industry. As part of the celebration, the open-world racer "The Crew" is free on PC. The game is active now and as long as the player has an active account it definitely will not cost anything to play.

According to Trusted Reviews, in order to get the game, the player needs to go to UBi30 page. Instructions are available on how to download "The Crew." It is free.

Within this year, Ubisoft already gave out free games for the anniversary celebration. This include 'Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time,' Splinter Cell and 'Rayman Origins.' The latest one given out from the company is "The Crew."

GAMESPOT reports that an additional of three games will be given away for free by Unisoft. These three games will come out by October, November and December. The title came be claimed within 30 days and its free forever.

"The Crew" will have an expansion this coming November 29. 'Calling all Units' lets the player hit the streets as a police officer or a street racer. In November 2015, the first expansion of the game came out called 'Wild Run.'

In another report from CNET, "The Crew" is an open-world racing game. It can be done with a single- player or shared with others. A player can team up with a group of friends and enjoy racing on the streets with illegal activities.

Players also can get into the action of the race by exploring a massive map and enjoy some fun missions. Open-world driving, like "The Crew" has is interesting. The player gets to see more than just being in a racetrack.

"The Crew" can be downloaded for free with specific requirements. The system's RAM must be 8GB and a GeForce GTX 580. A much higher version is also better for downloading the game.

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