'Pokemon Red and Blue' News & Updates: This Nifty Hack Lets You Play As A Girl; How To Download The ROM Edit

By V Doctor , Updated Sep 15, 2016 11:44 AM EDT

Fans of the Pokemon franchise nowadays would typically be seen going around town hunting Pokemon or battling in gyms or anticipating the release of "Pokemon Sun and Moon". Some fans, however, still have not gotten over their love for some of the older versions of the Pokemon games for GameBoy: "Pokemon Red and Blue." While there are a lot of newer things to keep fans busy, there are still some old souls that find relief in digging through the game's past developments.

Kotaku reported that the initial concept art design for both "Pokemon Red" and "Pokemon Blue" reveal a female playable character that did not make it to the game itself. The older versions with the GameBoy had to stick with a male avatar that was reminiscent of the anime's main character Ash Ketchum. This stuck with Pokemon for a few games until gender options for the main character was introduced in 2001 with the release of "Pokemon Crystal."

While gender options are no longer an issue in more recent Pokemon games, a lot of players have fond childhood memories for the game's humble beginnings. A Pokemon fan, whose Twitter name is mahoushoujorose, got back with the original games and tweaked them with an additional trainer option. While it is just a minor detail, it is still awesome to have and could even had been pretty big had this been discovered 15 years ago.

For those who want to relive the old days of catching Pokemon and battling gyms without having to walk a step, the mod can be downloaded in Github. The link describes the file as a ROM edit of the original "Pokemon Blue and Red" where one can play as the original female trainer from the first generation, Green. It is also said that these patches would be changing some sprites associated with Green, her name options, and character dialogue that would be more appropriate with her gender. The changes to the overall game itself are kept minimal so that one would still get to enjoy this new mod as much as they had enjoyed the original first generation games.

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