'Pokemon Go' Latest, Rumors, News: Update Notes Detailed; Some Devices Prohibited from Latest Patch?

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Sep 15, 2016 10:59 AM EDT

"Pokemon Go" has already received its share of attention from the fans who at one point left the app. Despite the supposed update introduced to the title, not everyone seems to be getting their share of the said feature yet.

As some may know, the update containing the "Pokemon Go" Buddy System has already started to go all across the globe. Sadly, not everyone has the benefit of having it just yet.

Part of this update for "Pokemon Go" includes the 0.37 and 1.7 which is meant for the iOS and the Android devices, according to International Business Times. Apparently, the buddy Pokemon will still be able to attack enemy gyms even after training, let alone fainting.

Rumors say that "Pokemon Go" Trainers were able to acquire two candies in one run, albeit the claim is to only have one per run. A certain Reddit user named AryanFire claims to have evidence of such, which is still rather questionable on being a glitch or if it is completely intended to be done by Niantic.

One of the most interesting "Pokemon Go" feats is the Easter egg that talks of a buddy Pikachu after a certain distance of walk. Post a 10 kilometer mark, the buddy Pikachu is said to climb onto the shoulder of the Trainer as a nod to the "Pokemon" series respectively.

In relation to this, as per Polygon, an upsetting bit of news that made players worry and upset is the exclusion of the "Pokemon Go" update for devices that are jailbroken, unlocked or rooted. Regardless of the complaints that players forwarded, no action has been taken by Niantic and the company considers such as a heads up for future reference.

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