'The Last Guardian' Release Date, Latest News & Updates: Sony Interactive Squashes Game Cancellation Rumors? Video Demo Released [WATCH HERE]

By LA Zamora , Updated Sep 16, 2016 05:16 AM EDT

"The Last Guardian" is one of the highly anticipated games to hit PlayStation 4 before 2016 ends. This isn't the first time that "The Last Guardian" was released to the gaming public. Around five years ago, it's video demo for Sony's PlayStation Vita and gamers from all over the world loved it.

However, the success of "The Last Guardian" for 2016 is still unsure. The main reason for the game's unsure success is the fact that there are hundreds of games similar to the concept of "The Last Guardian." Just like before, "The Last Guardian" has released a video demo where players can experience several minutes of game play. One notable thing about the recent video demo is that the players can actually play instead of simply watching the video.


The gamers are approaching the upcoming release of "The Last Guardian" because of its embarrassing delay since 2011. "The Last Guardian" has been treated for years as the game that never was. It was all set, video demo and all, but the gamers were just hoping for nothing as the game was suspended in uncertain limbo.

Hopefully, "The Last Guardian" made for PlayStation 4 will really push through with its release before the end of the year. It's exaggerated delay may have lessened the excitement from the past generation it was announced in, but the game might have a bright future with the current one.

The puzzles and missions in "The Last Guardian" are complex and challenging enough to hook players to the game. The graphics are incontestable as well especially since Sony Interactive is one of the main producers of the game. Players must manage their expectations though, as the game's concept was created sometime in 2011. 

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