Street Fighter V' Patch Release, News & Update: Urien Invades the Roster, Dhalsim, Birdie, Juri Glitches Addressed

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Sep 20, 2016 12:10 AM EDT

"Street Fighter V" season pass is finally just around the corner with Capcom confirming a major update in Sept 22. Character Urien will also invade the game and players can acquire this coveted fighter via game money or real currency.

To the subtle and obvious part of the update first, the addition of Illumination leader Urien was given. Then other characters will sport new looks randomly, including costume make overs and color changes. Capcom calls this change color 3-10 beneficial for those who purchase battle costumes and season pass holders.

Then for the hardcore updates, gamers are sure to drool over the potential of earning game money through random daily tasks that promises a hundred to five grand depending on difficulty of completion. Then another part of the update is customization of "Street Fighter V" match ups through player vs AI option.

Meanwhile, PC Gamer reported that several bug sixes are available in this "Street Fighter v" update. notable among them is deployment of character profiling system where gamers can keep track of special fighting moves and tendency to employ different fighting styles. Expect to gain boost in combat as CapCom have already pinpointed and patched the reason for controller delays during earlier release.

There will be grunts from "Street Fighter V" Juri lovers when they observe that one glitch favoring the fighter is not possible anymore. Juri can hit opponents even if they are already crawling, Capcom levels the field by removing this unfair feature. To make the case win-win, Juri will gain prolonged V-reversal invincibility, according to Capsule Gamer.

Dhalsim is another glitch-infested character in "Street Fighter V." Random location to spawn him before yoga teleport was corrected so there will never be missed aerial attacks. Similar case applies to Birdie where gamers can't keep track of his health box. Birdie will now sports consistent recovery and hurt frame when airborne.

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