'Street Fighter 5' Release Date, Latest News & Update: New Update Arriving on September 22 with Urien

By Olivia Cavallaro , Updated Sep 20, 2016 06:45 AM EDT

The final downloadable character for "Street Fighter 5" is arriving this week together with an update. Capcom is set to release "boatloads of new content" for the upcoming patch, which will also include some awesome new treats for those who hold the Season Pass.

According to PlayStation Lifestyle, Capcom is releasing a new update arriving on September 22, which will include bug fixes and tweaks to "Street Fighter 5." In fact, there will be new Daily Targets so that gamers can earn extra Fight Money. Engaging in Training Mode will even earn gamers an additional 500.

Meanwhile, VG24/7 reports that the newest downloadable character for "Street Fighter 5" comes in the form of Urien, the Vice President of the Illuminati, which is arriving on September 22. Gamers can purchase the cahracter using Fight Money or on Steam and the PlayStation Store. For those who already have the Season Pass, you'll be getting the character for free.

In addition, those who hold the Season Pass for "Street Fighter 5" will be able to access colors 3 to 10, as well as battle costumes for all confirmed DLC characters. Those who don't have a Season Pass just yet will only get colors 3 to 10. These are all arriving on September 22, when the update is released.

According to Polygon, Urien debuted back in "Street Fighter 3: 2nd Impact," which was released back in 1997. Urien will be the sixth and last downloadable character for the first season of "Street Fighter 5."

The game is directed by Takayuki Nakayama and produced by Yoshinori Ono. It is playable on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and has received favorable reviews from gaming networks and critics. Fans should expect the new update to arrive on September 22. Check back for more updates on Capcom's "Street Figher 5."

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