iPhone7 Latest News & Update: Flawed Apple EarPods Receiving Fix Soon

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Sep 21, 2016 01:32 AM EDT

The iPhone 7 is far from perfect with complaints coming in tied up to the new accessory that comes with it – the iPhone 7 Lightning EarPods. It turns out that the added pair has been suffering from malfunctioning remote controls.

Apple is aware of the problem and has started to work on a fix for the intermittently stopping function. The belief is that the problem is tied up to the Apple software which means an updated patch for the iPhone 7 for the buggy AirPods could be coming soon, Business Insider reported.

Consumer complaints

According to affected users, the EarPod volume and call/answer buttons end up unresponsive when left idle for a few minutes. Audio listening does continue to play but the whole problem arises when the controls no longer function like when adjusting the volume or taking in calls. There have been communities trying to come up with remedies for it, something that coudl help out iPhone 7 owners.

The row is not a good start for Apple which has gotten its share of criticism for taking out the iconic 3.5 mm jack. As most have probably read by now, the whole purpose of shifting audio listening to the Lightning port was to make the iPhone 7 thinner.

Most felt that it was Apple’s indirect way of trying to sell their patented AirPods, something that doesn’t come cheap. For those who are unaware, a pair of AirPods will cost $159 as rendered via Apple.com.

Go Bluetooth instead?

With the high price and the current row, iPhone 7 owners may want to go a different route instead. This is turning to Bluetooth-powered earphones instead which hopefully will not encounter similar problems.

Apple has yet to explain the real reason behind the AirPod issue and whether it is tied up to the iPhone 7 as a whole. Regardless, there had to be something up and the AirPods are it.

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