Microsoft Xbox One S Release Date, News & Update: Controller's Extra Grip, Bluetooth Support Biggest Sales Factor? Xbox One S Vs. PS4 Slim Highlights Price, Size Head-On!

By Jennifer R. Irvin , Updated Sep 21, 2016 08:58 AM EDT

Microsoft Xbox One S controller is not quite the same with the first two designs. Although it comes with a similar 3.5 mm jack, reports indicate a big difference in the new controller's extra grip on its handles as well as the Bluetooth support.  While it can now be connected to Bluetooth devices, Xbox One S can only function as intended with the Windows 10.

Microsoft Xbox One S controllers were reported to earn a huge deal of success in the market after having sold  more than 79,000 units in August. The new Xbox One controller was also announced during the E3 2016.

The Xbox One S controller, which comes with a lot of improvements over its old model, was able to take the top spot for the month of August because of the Xbox One S console release in the same period. Based on reports, it has the capability of HDR gaming and is also capable of enhancing video games up to 4K resolutions, with a processor that is reportedly faster compared to the one used in the original model.

Microsoft Xbox One console is also expected to output games in a "real 4K," although some believe that this claim is yet to be proven, Digital Trends reported.

Meanwhile, Microsoft Xbox One S is believed as well to likely start the console war, as the new console from Sony goes head-to-head. For both companies, Xbox One S and PS4 Slim carry the similar thing for their lineup, a slimmer but improved iteration of the original counterparts.

According to reports, both consoles basically replace their predecessors in the aspect of capability and price, as the two have slim sizes that cost $299, compared to Xbox One's $249 and PS4's $349.

Microsoft Xbox One S or Sony's PS4 Slim is reportedly not considered revolutionary in the features that they offer. Based on reports, only a few upgrades were included.

Nevertheless, the Xbox One S is a sure winner, since PS4 Slim fails to provide enough to make it more different and a lot better than its regular PS4, Heavy reported.

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