‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Rare Nests Missing From Big September Update [POLL]

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Sep 22, 2016 10:53 AM EDT

The wait continues on what other big changes lie ahead for “Pokemon Go” players with only a handful of changes so far. One of the key changes most are banking on have to do with the rare nests which may likely undergo changes.

All that remains to be seen as Niantic continues to put a tight lid on what plans they possibly have for “Pokemon Go”. But speaking of rare nests, it seems almost imminently to be included in changes considering this is a practice done for most free mobile games.

Will Niantic leave rare nests alone?

Even if the possibility of leaving out rare nest spawns is close to nil, some folks over at Reddit are hoping that Niantic would at least spare it. Instead, some “Pokemon Go” are wishing for game developers to put up more nests and increase spawns even if all that may be asking too much.

Considering Niantic has been tightening up on gameplay, all of this is wishful thinking. Then again, there are other ways to make “Pokemon Go” interesting though that may not include making it easy to hunt down the pocket monsters.

What other changes lie on the “Pokemon Go” horizon?

Thus far, the only notable addition was the “Pokemon Go” Buddy system. This was meant to help rack in more Pokemon candy though the process of doing so seems harder than hatching kilometer eggs. Imagine the meager reel of candies for a long walk and one may just treat it as nothing to look cute.

Nevertheless, other speculated stuff like rare nests, trading and PVP have been mentioned as coming. As of this writing, none have stirred up a storm. With September coming to a close, the wait continues. Hopefully, October will bring in something more pleasant for “Pokemon Go” players.

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