iOS 10 Jailbreak Release Date News & Update: Jailbroken iOS 10 Photos Leaked; Apple Launches 10.0.1, Pangu, Tai G Can’t Catch Up?

By Laine Lucas , Updated Sep 23, 2016 07:26 AM EDT

Apple recently introduced the new iPhone 7 along with the operating system, the iOS 10. With a new OS on board, jailbreaking fans will surely be excited to know about the release of an iOS 10 jailbreaking tool from the top hackers in the industry. Apple users have been asking for a jailbreaking tool from renowned team Pangu, but it still remains to be seen if there will be one available.

So far, updates from the Pangu team regarding the iOS 10 jailbreak remains scarce but that doesn't mean that the new operating system is safe from being exploited. In fact, one hacker by the name of Luca Todesco has managed to successfully tweak the new iOS 10. He even posted a photo on Twitter of an iPhone 7 running on a jailbroken system. This only means that the latest software from Apple is still vulnerable to exploits, but the catch for jailbreaking fans is that Todesco is known to be someone who doesn't make the tools available for public use.

With that said, the pressure will be on the Pangu and Tai G team - if they can come up with the same exploits as Todesco's. Pangu has been working on the iOS 10 jailbreak solution since July using the OS' beta version. However, the team has not been successful yet and the public continues to wait for the results.

Now that Apple has rolled out the first update to its newest OS, it may make jailbreaking all the more challenging. Once the patch is applied, the previous jailbreak will be considered useless. Apple has gone a step ahead to release the iOS 10.0.1 update even before Pangu could make an iOS 10 jailbreak solution available. According to Forbes, it seems that Pangu and Tai G are facing some challenges when it comes to cracking the new iOS.  With the release of iOS 10.0.1, the teams will need to work more on how to successfully figure out the solution.

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