'Watchdogs 2' Release Date, News & Update: Ubisoft’s Danny Delanger Confirmed Upcoming Title Better? Trailer Reveals New Cars, Game Features, More Details!

By Daniel Flores , Updated Sep 26, 2016 10:00 AM EDT

The official release of "Watchdogs 2" is just around the corner and the game developers have a new way of tackling the sequel's gameplay and surroundings. With so many gamers disappointed with the first title, "Watchdogs 2" might be a much-improved version of the previous title.

New Gameplay Featured In 'Watchdogs 2'

Gamespot had a chance to meet and interview the "Watchdogs 2" director, Danny Belanger, wherein he revealed the new direction of the game and explained the issues that the prequel has brought to the gamers. Belanger also discussed why the prequel game had been a flop in the past and how "Watchdogs 2" can take players to the game's new direction.

The news outlet had a talk with the director of "Watchdogs 2" and Danny Belanger wants the fans to experience a new and fresh sequel. The director added that "Watchdogs 2" will definitely have a lighter tone than its predecessor; starting with the new character, Marcus Holloway, who is a more sociable character and has an enthusiastic personality unlike Aiden Pearce.

The upcoming "Watchdogs 2" game will focus more with emergent style of gameplay and stepping away from the open-world gameplay as Ubisoft's past games were. Delanger stated "Watchdogs 2" will have a different approach with regards to the player's missions and as gamers progress through the game.

Danny Delanger also stated that Ubisoft heard the fans' concerns about the game's prequel and the company has tweaked many changes in order for "Watchdogs 2" to have a unique feel. The game developers also made "Watchdogs 2" less predictable and more creative than before.

'Watchdogs 2' Trailer & Gameplay

The "Watchdogs 2" new trailer showed a fictional version of San Francisco along with the revelation of the overall story of the game. The protagonist, Marcus Holloway, was featured as the new character meets the group of hackers dubbed as Dedsec, who is currently targeting Dusan Nemec, Blume's Chief technology officer.

Meanwhile, IGN has unveiled a "Watchdogs 2" footage that featured a lot of cars, weapons, hackable world objects and a RC cars. There are also footages where players were seen using an Uber app and driving people around the city and making stunts on the way.

"Watchdogs 2" will be launched in November 15 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For more "Watchdogs 2," stay tuned to GamenGuide!

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