'Clash Of Clans' 2016 Latest News & Update: Sept. Update Postponed? Supercell Holds Ground Vs. Air Challenge, Free Trip To Finland!

By LA Zamora , Updated Sep 26, 2016 04:37 AM EDT

The much awaited "Clash Of Clans" update for the month of Sept. is still floating with no specific date for release. Numerous reports have been circling the internet saying that the "Clash Of Clans" update for Sept. will roll out by the third week. However, there's only a few more days left until Sept. ends so will the players expect the "Clash Of Clans" update by Oct. instead?

Clan Challenges Update

One of the most awaited "Clash Of Clans" update is the friendly clan challenges. Unlike the usual clan wars where random teams attack each others' base, clan challenges will have an invite for a scheduled war. Although the clan challenge for "Clash Of Clans" update is not detailed yet, there might be a possibility for a clan to confirm or deny a clan challenge.

All Clash reports that as of Sept. 23, Supercell announced that they are preparing for a livestream to discuss new game content and features. Supercell also announced that the friendly war for the "Clash Of Clans" update will be different from air and ground troops composition.

Ground Vs. Air

A Supercell staff posted in the Supercell forum announced that there will a livestream for Ground Vs. Air "Clash Of Clans" update on Oct. 9. The rules for the Ground Vs. Air war is simple - each team will consist of five players and will need to choose either ground or air troops. Supercell will be the one to provide maxed out Townhall 11 accounts for the challenge.

Players who will join the Ground Vs. Air challenge as a sneak peek for the upcoming "Clash Of Clans" update need to sign up online. Once screened and accepted by Supercell, selected players get a chance to play with veteran COC players like Superfinch 30 and LachNessMeownster. Selected players need to go to Finland on Oct. 6- Oct. 10 but need not worry about flight and hotel expenses because it will be shouldered by Supercell.

As of writing, there's still no official statement from Supercell about "Clash Of Clans" update. However, they have the Ground Vs. Air challenge which might be enough to stall the players for a while. Stay tuned to GamenGuide for more "Clash Of Clans" news and updates!

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