'The Sims 5' Release Date, Latest News & Updates: EA's Requires Player To Wear VR Gear? Game Released By Late 2016?

By LA Zamora , Updated Sep 26, 2016 04:40 AM EDT

While almost every Sims-player is excitedly awaiting "The Sims 4: City Living" DLC, there are speculations that EA Games is almost done developing "The Sims 5." Will "The Sims 5" be released before 2016 ends?

Although the raves for "The Sims 4" is still fairly dominant, EA's creation of "The Sims 5" might be a good investment for the company. There are speculations that "The Sims 5" might have a touch of virtual reality infused into it which will most likely throttle the game into more popularity.

Usually, EA Games releases a new "The Sims" installment every five years. "The Sims 4" was just released in 2014 so some players think that the release of "The Sims 5" is pretty farfetched. However, a glimmer of hope arises when we consider the jungle of games popping here and there.

The stiff competition might have pushed EA Games to release "The Sims 5" without necessarily waiting for five years after "The Sims 4" was released. "The Sims 4" was quite controversial and have gained its fair share of rants and raves from the gaming community. For the most part of the raves, the players were impressed with the new and up-to-date graphics of "The Sims 4." New challenges, objects and locations also received two thumbs up from the players.

However, the rants for "The Sims 4" mainly consisted of complaints that EA was clearly trying to get more profit by releasing many DLCs for the base game. The gaming community is hoping that "The Sims 5" will not require so many DLCs for them to enjoy the game.

As of now, EA Games have not released any pertinent news about "The Sims 5." The gaming company is currently busy with marketing and preparing for the launch of "The Sims 4: City Living" DLC. Stay tuned to GamenGuide for more "The Sims 5" news and updates! 

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