‘Pokemon Go’ Update: Buddy System Too Difficult To Learn? Pokemon Go Plus Accessory On Sale, Tightens Niantic’s Vision Of Banning Cheaters?

By Jennifer R. Irvin , Updated Sep 26, 2016 05:35 AM EDT

"Pokemon Go" buddy system finally went live and with the much anticipated update, the game brings new characters and functionality that will allow the players to better visualize the adventures in the world. However, considering the similarities in the game's systems, the new buddy system appears to be a bit difficult to learn exactly how to best use it, including the need to walk with the buddy Pokemon.

In the 'Pokemon Go" basic level of the buddy system, the players are allowed to have one of their Pokemon follow around outside of the Pokeball. By doing this, they will be able to collect candies for their buddy Pokemon as they walk.

The 'Pokemon Go" buddy system means addressing the issue of not being able to evolve Pokemon without the need to find a large number of wild creatures. This also means that each time they hit a specific distance checkpoint for their given Pokemon, they receive a candy as a reward.

In order to activate this, the players need to tap on their trainer profile picture in the lower left hand corner of their screen. Then tap on the three little bars found in the lower right and then tap "buddy", allowing them to open up their list of Pokemon and choose one to follow them around, Forbes reported.

Meanwhile, aside from the number of bug fixes and buddy system, the "Pokemon Go" latest version also includes support for the Go Plus accessory. Based on reports, the new Pokemon Go Plus accessory will go on sale next week.

For the new Trainers, the Go Plus accessory will notify the  players about a near Pokémon and collect powerups from the PokéStops without having to open up the phone nor look at the app.  Also, some reports indicate that the latest update will remove jailbroken devices out, eliminating bots and some hacked ways of collecting pocket monsters.

Pokemon Go Plus accessory update is expected to have an impact on the number of users, but some believe that Niantic Labs is just keeping up to its promise of banning the game cheaters, ENGadget reported. Watch "Pokemon Go" NEW Buddy System Update!

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