Pokémon GO' Latest News & Update: Glitch Spawns Rare Pokemon, Walkthrough for Incense Trick Unveiled

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Sep 26, 2016 07:22 PM EDT

Who would have thought that a simple incense can be used to take advantage of a "Pokemon GO" glitch? Developer Niantic is quickly becoming efficient in watching "Pokemon GO" for cheats but there are still glitches that can prove advantageous to trainers like, yes - incense.

Cutting short in the chase, incense trick will spawn rare Pokemons if done under certain conditions. A "Pokemon GO" player named Sionarra tried the incense trick and posted the result in Reddit. Several respondents surfaced afterwards confirming that incense can indeed spawn coveted Pokemons. So thus starts another cause for trainers to get extra excited.

According to Mobile & Apps, Sionarra discovered that this "Pokemon GO" trick can be done only on instances when PokeRadar shows nothing. It is also advisable that players try this in places where no Pokemons were sighted nor caught previously. Under this terms, the player needs to use incense and viola! - rare Pokemons.

Some "Pokemon GO" players that followed the trick reported that monsters like Vulpix, Dragonair, Ponyta and Diglets have high chances of spawning. This anomaly is possible because in theory, blank areas are confusing the server. Now since there are no footprints of previous catch, "Pokemon GO" server will spawn random monsters. Take it as a bonus that the game seems to be favoring rare Pokemons in these areas.

"Pokemon GO" players are sure to ask if this trick will get them banned from the game. iTech Post reported that incense trick will not get players in trouble. This makes sense because there is no tracker, spoof nor bots used to spawn Pokemons. Looking at the rulebook of Niantic, incense trick is a legitimate way to play the game without third-party hacks.

What is unclear for now is if previously black areas in PokeRadar can be used for multiple number of attempts. After all, rule of the thumb is "Pokemon GO" incense trick only works in clean slates. Did this work for you? You can comment below.

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