Resident Evil 6's Siege Mode, Free on PC, Hits Consoles in March

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Jan 25, 2013 05:49 PM EST

Capcom took its lumps when Resident Evil 6 was released, but the company is trying to rally by offering multitudes of DLC content for the game's extra modes.

The company announced today that PC versions will be getting the upcoming Siege mode for free, while console gamers will have to pay for the new mode.

The new mode brings some madness to the game's online multiplayer mode. It's a bit of a mashup between the Mercenaries game, and Agent Hunt. Players split into two teams. One takes command of BSAA agents, either a rookie out to make a name for his or herself, or a veteran who's tasked with keeping an eye on the rookie. The other player leads the charge against the BSAA agents, taking control of RE6's gruesome gallery of creatures.

Players switch roles back and forth between rounds, so everyone gets a chance to try each experience. Anywhere from two to six players can try out the new mode, but they'll have to wait until March to do so.

Whereas PC players get the content for free, console gamers will have to pay to play, either $3.99 for PS3 gamers, or 320 MS Points if the 360 is your preference. The new mode arrives March 22. Check out a video preview of it below!

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