'Dragon Ball Fusion' Is Coming To 3DS Owners In The US This December; Release Date In Europe Set On February 2017 [Check Out Trailer!]

By Clarice F. Bernardo , Updated Sep 27, 2016 08:46 AM EDT

People would agree that life was way simpler back in the days. Kids just shrug it off if they do not own the latest gadget released. As long as they do not miss to watch their favourite cartoons, especially in the morning, it is a day made.

It is already 2016 and the hype train for any "Dragon Ball Z" - related products is still up. Two decades after the "Dragon Ball Z" TV series first premiered in February 26, 1986, the fans of the "Dragon Ball Z" anime and manga still want more from their well - loved characters.

The "Dragon Ball Super" was the latest that fans got a hold of the Japanese animated series "Dragon Ball Z." iDigital Times reported that the Dragon Ball Super was first aired on July of 2015. It is a series created by Toei Animation which storyline took place between "Dragon Ball Z" and "Dragon Ball GT." It has expanded upon the 291 episodes of "Dragon Ball Z", with the first 31 episodes and two theatrical movies of its own.

The fans of "Dragon Ball Z" are now in for a treat! Just recently, Flickering Myth reported that Bandai Namco Entertainment already announced that handheld action-RPG "Dragon Ball Fusion" will be coming to 3DS owners.

"Dragon Ball Fusions" will see players create their characters, and travel the "Dragon" world while collecting items and building alliances with other fighters. These are possible through using a battle system that has both strategy and real-time action elements. The fighters can be fused together to create all-new characters as Bandai Namco have promised that there will be a huge amount of different combinations.

The "Dragon Ball Fusion" will be coming to 3DS owners in the US on December 13. It may seem unfair for other fans or it is, indeed, but it is rumoured that "Dragon Ball Fusion" will come to European fans in February of 2017.

What about the "Dragon Ball Z" fans who are in the other parts of the world? It may be a frustrating wait but it will definitely be worth it!


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