‘Pokemon GO’ Latest News & Update: Is Niantics Contemplating on a Trading Feature? Find Out Here

By Staff Reporter , Updated Sep 27, 2016 07:36 AM EDT

Despite the "Pokemon GO" plummeting few months after its explosive launching; Niantics is not throwing the white towel just yet. Recent reports revealed that, the game developer is just starting to pull some of the game's biggest strongholds.

Is "Pokemon GO" contemplating on Trading Features? It looks like Niantics is drawing its first ace in order to keep the game on top. Although none of the rumors were confirmed online, here are some of the traits that may include in the "Pokemon GO" Trading Feature.

First, new actions are added in terms of what players can actually do with the Pokemons. These actions include "Complete," "Cancel," "Search" and "Create." Searching for players to trade Pokemons is how the game will transition with the new feature. Interestingly, the "Pokemon GO" Trading Feature only allows trading Pokemons and not items. It's a risk that players can do in order to get the best lineup in their respective "Pokemon GO" game.

The rumored new feature may eventually bring back the larger part of players that decided to stop playing "Pokemon GO." The idea of the "Pokemon GO" Trading Feature stemmed from Niantics' previous announcement and promised of new and exciting features coming soon. Will the new feature enable players to earn money trading Pokemons? The possibility is there, but  so far, Niantics has not given any details forming the possible selling of Pokemons.

In July, Niantics, in partnership with Nintendo launched "Pokemon GO." The game was an overnight sensation, rapidly increasing its number of players per second. It was a time when everyone thought, what could possibly bring down the game? Apparently, players just did few months later. It was tiresome and with few things to do with the game and the collected Pokemons. It was basically the dead end.

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