Windows 10 Release Date, News & Update: It's All About Enhanced User Experience; Windows 8.1, 7 SP1 Issues Fix Optional?

By Jennifer R. Irvin , Updated Sep 29, 2016 12:00 AM EDT

Windows 10 latest build of its update is reportedly aimed at helping enhance the user's experience. As revealed by Microsoft, the upcoming update will include amazing new features.

Although the Windows 10 update is not downloadable yet, Microsoft assures the users that they are working on a huge improvement. The company also announced a plan to deliver a functional and enhanced computer speech recognition publicly. With that, initial speculations were that an entirely new conversational speech recognition system is likely to be released.

The upcoming Windows 10 update is also reported to provide the users with a better connection with their computers. The new system is expected to greatly assist the computer in understanding human language. Based on reports, the next generation computer speech system has been recorded to have an error rate of 6.3 percent, the lowest in the leading AI test.

Microsoft's chief speech scientist revealed that their new best system was able to achieve an error percentage of 6.9, which he believes was the best recorded performance to date. Moreover, the recognition system was not based on the system combination, and that the company's discovery was the result of development headed by the AI community from different organizations. A NiST 2000 switchboard set was reportedly used in the test, PC World reported.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is reportedly trying to fix the problem it caused on Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 SP1 by offering the users an optional update through Windows Update. Users can choose to delete the blue screen that announces the date when the free offer was to end.

Also, a surprising number in the list of items Microsoft is deleting has been noted. According to reports, an installer for the Get Windows 10 app for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1 was included, along with an out-of-box experience modifications for Windows 8.1 for reserving the latest OS. In addition, the update also deletes software that enabled the users to learn more about the Windows 10 and begin the upgrade process, Yahoo reported.

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