‘Planet Coaster’ Crash Mode Trailer, News & Update: What Happens When a Roller Coaster Goes Off The Rails?

By V Doctor , Updated Sep 27, 2016 02:28 PM EDT

"Planet Coaster" is set to release soon. It was recently announced at the EGX games show in United Kingdom that the theme-park simulator game will feature a mode that focuses on crashing.

Venture Beat revealed that "Planet Coaster" generally involves creating fun and exciting roller coaster rides that will entice more people to visit the theme park. Crash mode, however, delves on the extreme and visualizes one scenario that guests fear the most - coasters going off the rails. Crash mode in "Planet Coaster" allows players to see the potential consequences when such accidents happen. However, the outcome is not as violent and unpleasant as "Planet Coaster" fans expect. The coaster cars are empty and people and objects that they hit after are not hurt.

Game developer Frontier featured a new trailer for "Planet Coaster" Crash Mode. The initial scene showed hundreds of people enjoying the various attractions in the theme park until an empty roller coaster suddenly appeared in the air. Traditional theme park music played in the background as the ride landed on several visitors. The people started bouncing off into the air as the cars hit them, while park guests seemed happy with the crash with sparks flying and other unassuming victims smiling mid-air. The scene ended with the tourists rejoicing over the huge crash, followed by the game title and official launch date.

"Planet Coaster" Crash Mode allows players to test their rides and build incomplete roller coasters. According to Frontier, "Planet Coaster" will also feature a new sci-fi theme set where players can position spaceships, aliens and other attractions in certain parts of their theme park. There will also be trains and other features to set up, depending on the player's preference.

Steam noted that "Planet Coaster" will have an open alpha from October 6 to 10 for players who wish to test the game. There are a couple of options for pre-order packages, namely the standard bundle at 10 percent off, and the Thrillseeker Edition. The "Planet Coaster" Thrillseeker Edition is priced at $44.99. The game will officially launch on Nov. 17, 2016 on PC. 


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