New Battlefield Game Coming Next Year, Planned for Release on Next Console Generation?

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Jan 31, 2013 09:40 AM EST

Slim on any details, EA has confirmed that a new Battlefield game is on the way. During an investor call last night, EA labels president Frank Gibeau said the company "will be launching a Battlefield game next year," and that they're "very excited to show you guys more detail on that coming soon."

Now, whether this means Battlefield 4, or another Bad Company is anyone's guess. But the timing mentioned in Gibeaus's statement does line up with previous statements the company had made about the release of Battlefield 4 towards the end of the summer. During EA's Q1 2013 earning relations call, Gibeau confirmed that Battlefield 4 would be released between April 2013 and March 2014.

"We are aiming to have the next product in the Battlefield franchise in (Fiscal 14)," was Gibeau's exact line.

As far as what console we might expect the title on, EA was again beating around the bush, saying they had "gen-four" plans for the Battlefield franchise.

As far as what else we can expect, whether or not this next title is Battlefield 4, Battlefield 4 will take place in modern times.

General Manager Karl Magnus Troedsson made the announcement during a presentation at the Game Developers Conference Europe last August.

"We still want to stay in this genre, the modern day as it is," Troedsson said. "We feel this is a place we can be and continue with the series. Battlefield 4 can live in this space and be very successful."

Troedsson went on to say, "There's a lot of things inspiring us as to how the franchise will move on. Everything from fans' feedback, to market research and, of course, what we want to build ourselves. It's not just one single thing," Troedsson said. "And, yes, I know Battlefield 4 is probably the most creative name we ever could come up with. I can't comment any more on that game because it's all secret."

Giving hope to fans, Troedsson also said the studio hasn't ruled out a return to the Bad Company franchise. "It doesn't mean there might not be a Bad Company game again in the future."

We'll post more as information becomes available. 

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