Samsung Galaxy C9 Latest News & Update: Geekbench Reveal More Specs For The New Samsung Phablet

By Staff Reporter , Updated Sep 28, 2016 06:54 AM EDT

It could be taken as a rumor when Samsung Galaxy C9 was the talk of the internet in the past week. Today, the Galaxy C9 apparently makes its way on the GeekBench. Running the Galaxy C9 on the GFXBench, it appears that the device has a 6-inch screen and a 1080 x 1920 resolution. It is equipped with a 6GB of RAM and a snapdragon 652 chipset.

More of the Samsung Galaxy C9 specs revealed that, it will have an octa-core 2GHz CPU and an Adreno 510 GPU. It has a 64GB flash storage and a 16MP primary camera. It still doesn't have the new Android 7.0 Marshmallow OS, rather, it will carry the Android 6.0.1 on a pre installed series.

Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy C9 may only be available in China, until it gets its certification from TENAA. Once certification is obtain, fans can expect the Galaxy C9 to launch in different regions.

The supposed Galaxy C9 was first spotted on the GFXBench with codename samsung SM-C9000. Listed on September 24 on the GeekBench, its initial description and specs revealed an Android 6.0.1 OS, model name of samsung SM-C9000, processor of ARM Qualcomm @ 1.40GHz, 1 processor 8 cores with a processor ID of ARM implementer 65 architecture 8 variant 0 part 3336 revision 0. It has a MSM8996 motherboard and a memory of 5840MB.

This recent Samsung Galaxy C9 has not been confirmed by Samsung, but people have been concluding the possibility of the Galaxy C9. There are no confirmed launch and release date for the model, but it always pay to wait a while and see how it evolve in the GFXBench.

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